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Flush valve for 1-1/2" top spud water closet, maximum 11-1/2" or 11 3/4" height (c/l of inlet to base of outlet)

Available Models

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Model Options: Note - Not all options available on all base models. See available models above.
Model Options Legend
1Trap Seal Primer
424.2L (1.1 Gal.) FIXED
481.27gpf (4.8Lpf) fixed
5Center Bumper on Valve
61.6gpf (6Lpf) fixed
Price List 81T201 (9 models)
Note: (1) Field Adjustable Teck® flushometer valves allow efficient water usage because they can be externally adjusted after installation so that the flush volume matches the requirement of the companion fixture. Verify flow requirements with the bowl manufacturer

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